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  - We're so glad you were both able to share in our day! Darrin you did an awesome job. Thanks so much! Love, Tim & Kelly

-We Really appreciate all you did to make our day memorable!

-Thank you so much for being our DJ! The music was great and everyone had so much fun. We really appreciate all that you did! We can't thank you enough.

-Thank you so much for being the DJ at me event! You are the best!

-He was wonderful. He listened to our ideas, played the odd requested songs we wanted and was not corny. He was on time and set up before the party started. We would hire him again.

-Thank you  soo much for being our DJ at Homecoming!  The music was great & everyone had so much fun.  We really appreciate all the you did and are so thankfull that you donated your time and resources to us for the night.  We can't thank you enough!       H-BR Student Council

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          Rachel Knox
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